Speech Pathology Service

Clinic and Home Visit Service Available

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What does speech pathologist do*

Speech pathologists, also called speech therapist, can support children and their carers to build communication and monitor children’s communication development.

Speech pathologists can work with you to:

  • evaluate how much children can understand and express
  • create a communication friendly environment
  • support children with additional communication needs

Speech pathologists can also provide therapy to help children with:

  • understanding and using pictures, symbols, signs, gestures, speech
    sounds, words and sentences
  • taking turns and making eye contact
  • building skills for later reading and spelling
  • stuttering, voice and feeding difficulties.

Talk to a speech pathologist today

Don’t ‘Wait and See’. Talk to a speech pathologist if you have concerns about your child’s communication development.

* Speech Pathology Australia. (2016). Understanding and speaking “between the flags”. Link