We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of speech pathology assessment and therapy services for children. At Step Right Health, our dedicated team is committed to supporting your child’s communication journey. We tailor our services to meet their individual needs, ensuring that they receive the highest quality care and support.

Our services are available in various settings:


We understand the importance of accurate assessment to guide our therapy interventions. Our experienced team offers a range of assessments tailored to meet your child’s specific needs:

We provide consultation and assessments for children who experience delayed language development, ensuring early identification and intervention.

Our assessments are conducted for various purposes, including school entry requirements, funding applications, diagnosis, and therapy planning. We thoroughly evaluate your child’s speech and language abilities to provide a comprehensive understanding of their communication profile.

We are expereinced in assessing social communication skills, including pragmatic language abilities. Our assessments delve into your child’s social interactions, non-verbal communication, and understanding of social cues.

We assess and support children who require AAC systems or alternative means of communication. Our assessments focus on identifying effective AAC strategies and fostering functional communication skills.


Our dedicated team of speech pathologists is equipped to address a wide range of communication challenges. We offer therapy services to assist with:

We provide targeted interventions to improve language comprehension and expression for children experiencing delays or disorders.

Our therapists employ evidence-based strategies to support children who are late talkers, facilitating their language development and encouraging expressive communication skills.

We address speech sound disorders and articulation difficulties, helping children improve their speech clarity and intelligibility.

Our therapists work closely with children who struggle with social communication, offering strategies to enhance their social skills, turn-taking, and understanding of social cues.

We provide interventions to support children who face challenges in reading and writing, focusing on phonological awareness, decoding skills, and comprehension strategies.

We assist children in using communication devices and systems effectively. Our therapists collaborate with families to develop personalised AAC plans and provide ongoing support and training.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer bulk billing speech pathology service, but clients with a GP referral maybe able to receive a Medicare rebate for part of the service fee.

We are a paediatric speech pathology service provider and typically only works with client with developmental communication difficulties.

If you have an NDIS plan, you will be able to use your fund with us if your fund is “self-managed” or “plan-managed”. You won’t be able to use your NDIS fund with us if your plan is NDIA managed.

We do not offer regular clinic based therapy sessions. However, we may be able to meet you at your home or other places that work for you. Please give us a call or email to discuss.

We follow the NDIS price guide and currently an hour long session costs $193.99. Travel cost is in addition to the session cost and will be discussed with you before your sessions are booked in.